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Introducing Co-Op Program Participant Tabreek Somani #IamTasktop

Zoe BurrisPosted by

Each year, Tasktop facilitates its Co-Op program, which hosts students from various colleges and universities to work on different projects and develop experiential learning that will prepare them for a career supporting technology firms. Pallavi Kain, Sr. Product Operations Analyst, leads the team this year in their quest to connect and expand their skills within this opportunity. 

This week, we’ll hear from Tabreek Somani, a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in Management. In her experience with Tasktop, she’s a Jr. Software Engineer on the Viz team.

She was compelled to join Tasktop’s Co-Op program after seeing a post like this one where a previous Intern shared his experiences. 

Tabreek shared this, “Everyone has been kind and willing to help me learn as I navigate the software engineering world outside of school for the very first time.”

Look out for more from our Co-Op program students in the coming weeks as they provide insight into their experiences here at Tasktop.