Choice is where it’s at ….

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As I’ve been putting together materials for my upcoming webinar, I’ve been trying to figure out … What is the single most important thing we’ve learned thus far while “drinking our own champagne”? There have been so many lessons learned.. But what would I say is the single most important thing? Very simply, the most important lesson learned is choice. Give people choice and you will have teams that flourish. That is what we experienced in phase 1 of our journey, and we have continued to see that in phase 2 of our journey.

Our partnership with IBM forced us to re-think team collaboration from the perspective of inter-organization communication while we were implementing an outsourced testing model. We know many of our customers are attempting the same model — but how do you accommodate different tools, different processes and different styles of communication inherent in different companies? That’s where Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) principles come into play. SLI allows for choice — choice of tool which allows for choice of process which results in better communication and collaboration. And happy teams. But it is not without its challenges. The greatest challenge we faced in our second phase was the recognition that when data is being shared across companies, you have to be careful about what and how you share that data. Confidentiality responsibilities became front and center as we figured out our SLI strategy for the outsourced testing integration pattern. Come join me for part 2 of our series on “Drinking Our Own Champagne” and learn how we overcame these challenges — and proved again the fact that choice results in flourishing teams and great products!

When:   Wed, Apr 24th, 2013: 8 – 8:30am PST, 11 – 11:30am EST
Presented by:   Nicole Bryan, Director of Product Management at Tasktop Technologies
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