Cheers from Tasktop Boston’s New Office!

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Finally Tasktop Boston has an office! As a company in the “growth phase” Tasktop has remote employees all over the world, which is particularly beneficial in terms of our customer meetings, speaking engagements, and conference participation. Tasktop is pretty unique in that sense; we are able to pursue numerous international opportunities even though we are only a company of about 60 people. But we are at the point where we are starting to think about which of our remote locations makes the most sense for brick-and-mortar expansion. Boston was a pretty obvious choice for several reasons.

While we are headquartered in Vancouver, many of our customers are on Eastern Standard Time. Here we are also able to act as the “middle time zone” if you will, for our colleagues and customers in Europe. Boston is also known for its association with start-ups and tech companies. It is a unique environment; the city and suburbs are very supportive of small companies’ growth, and local employees tend to be ambitious and energetic and definitely practice the “work hard, play hard” mentality.  Based off that alone, Boston was a perfect cultural fit for our small company! We’ve grown to four employees out here in the past year. We are not a big group (yet), but with that kind of growth, I’m sure there will be more Boston Tasktopians soon! 

The “office location courtship” was a unique process for me. Every office looked GREAT on paper, and when heading over for each building tour, I found myself hoping that this would be “the one” so that we could set our roots down somewhere!  I quickly realized that no office was going to be the perfect space I had pictured in my mind.  We weighed the pros and cons and learned what qualities we could and couldn’t live without. Tasktop is a pretty social company, so we wanted to be in an office with a lot of activity, and being in the midst of other start-ups would be ideal. 

With some help from the City Economic Development Department, we finally found a location that fit our needs well and signed on space in the Alewife section of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sure, we had to give up the glamour and prestige of a Harvard, Kendall, or Back Bay address. But we are still extremely close to the city and are in a brand new office, a beautiful space to call our own, and that’s all we need! Alewife is definitely an up-and-coming area, especially for tech companies, so we look forward to seeing how the area changes as the construction projects progress! Who knows, maybe we’ll look back in ten years and think, “We were working at Alewife before it was the cool place to be!” Day One at the office was last Monday, and we moved in so seamlessly that Betty, our VP of Marketing, remarked, “I’m worried because this was just too easy.” Sure enough, on Day Two we realized that we were going to have some serious kinks with our internet. I don’t come from an IT background, but let’s just say that I’ve become pretty well-informed on internet speeds and what will and will not make you a fully-functioning employee.  We (hopefully) solved the problem earlier this week, and we are quite relieved to be able to resume business as usual.

Dave, Betty, Kristie, and Katelyn celebrate the opening of our newest office

Several “firsts” in the new office were particularly exciting for me: our first All-Company meeting in the same room together, and our first Happy Hour! Our colleagues were so excited to get the video tour and see pictures of our new space.  Tasktopians are serious team players, so I was often asked for updates on how the office search was going for us.  They are so thrilled that we were able to find such a great office space and are interested to see how we make it our own as we get comfortable. In true Tasktopian champagne-toasting fashion, we celebrated our first Happy Hour at the conclusion of our first successful week in the office. 

I always look forward to these get-togethers with my colleagues because they provide a different environment to get to know each other outside of working hours.  Of course it was the highlight of my week! I’m so happy to finally be in an office with my coworkers. I can say with absolute sincerity that I have established some great friendships with my colleagues in Vancouver and not many people can say that they have made connections like that over video conferencing alone! But after working from home for almost a year, I am thrilled to see what bigger and better things we can accomplish while sitting side by side. Tasktop Boston is about to take over the world, and you’re hearing it here first!