British Columbia is a great place to start and grow a company

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Vancouver British Columbia is well-known for many natural things: mountains and ocean, an opportunity to ski and kayak the same day, and home to the 3-time world champion Furious George ultimate frisbee team. Over the years, Vancouver has had a number of successful start-ups, such as Crystal Decisions, Flikr and Creo. Despite some successes, Vancouver’s start-up scene had always seemed kind of quiet… until recently that is.  So far in June, I’ve attended two events that really highlighted the entrepreneurship bug that seems to be going viral (in a good way) in Vancouver lately. On Thursday June 6, the 2013 British Columbia Technology Impact Awards (TIA) dinner was held at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Center.

Over 1000 people attended the event with many new companies vying for the awards. A nice highlight of the night was a review of the companies that have won the Company of the Year award over the past twenty years the awards have been given out. Last year, Tasktop was honoured to be named the “Emerging Company of the Year.” Just give us another year or two and we will be up there vying for the “Company of the Year” in BC. It was fantastic to see such a large crowd gathered with such a diverse set of technologies represented (from green approaches to pest reduction to nanotechnology to crowdfunding). The energy in the room was great and it is clear BC will be continuing to make its mark as a great place to nurture, grow and sustain technology companies. Then on Friday June 7, I had the opportunity to speak at a Founder’s Friday event hosted by Women 2.0 at the Mozilla Vancouver offices. The group of people who gathered on a Friday evening was truly amazing and ranged from individuals with a first hazy idea of what might become a product, to those well underway with a start-up. I have never been in a room with so many women (and men) entrepreneurs at early stages of their companies.  The buzz was fantastic, the conversations flowed and I am sure we will be seeing many of those entrepreneurs at the BC TIAs in years to come. All of these individuals have found out part of Tasktop’s secret: Vancouver is a place in which great talent resides, great ideas abound and great products result. Watch out world, the BC tech industry is coming…