Tricentis Accelerate 2018

Accelerate, Inspire, and Scale: Thoughts on Tricentis Partner Day 2018

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The view from the 19th floor of Ares Tower invites you to admire the beauty of Vienna. It was fitting therefore, that VP Alliances Alan Ota’s opening talk at Tricentis Accelerate Partner Day focused on inspiration.

The rate at which Tricentis has grown in size and maturity over the last year is incredible, described as a “Perfect Storm” by COO David Keil. You could feel the genuine humility, when Alan talked about improvements to the partner program and partners’ impact on the bottom line.

In addition to Alan’s talk, titled Accelerate, Inspire, and Scale, the day featured talks by Dr Gerd Weishaar, Chief Product Officer; and Viktoria Praschl, Director Customer Success; and a joint presentation by Thomas Wirth and Christian Plaichner.

As always, Dr Gerd Weishaar never disappoints, and we learnt the ambitious yet realistic vision of Tricentis that combines artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and integration. The vision is underpinned by people, who have helped build Tricentis to be how we know it today.

Viktoria Prachl gave a glimpse of the vast role of customer success, which is at the heart of Tricentis’ strategy. She challenged us to ask customers, rather than ourselves, what is meant by the term Continuous Testing. She spoke with a voice of experience, and emphasized how she regards her customers as partners. Customer success goes well beyond technology, as people and process changes are often considered most important. Her team have developed maturity and business value assessments that help practitioners and decision-makers alike.

Finally, I enjoyed listening to Thomas Wirth talk on Partner Enablement. It is a topic close to my heart as I strive for perfection with our partner community. Hearing Thomas share his thoughts and challenges certainly left me, quoting Alan, “inspired”.

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