A day in the life of… the Senior Manager of Technical Account Management

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Today we’re heading to Nashville to meet our Senior Manager of Technical Account Management, Lori! She discusses how she works across multiple time zones, her love for working with customers on their integration journeys, and where to get the best lunch in Austin.

How do you start your day before work?

I start my day by making sure my teenagers have had breakfast, have all their electronics (preferably fully charged), have their backpacks, and make it out the door on time with my husband to head into Nashville, Tennessee traffic! Then, while enjoying some peace and quiet alone in my home, I have my coffee and get ready to descend into my home office for the day. I’m usually joined by my small fluffy canine, and my 3 sweet felines (who the majority of Tasktop has already virtually met during a video conference call or another!).

What is your role at Tasktop?

As the Senior Manager of the Technical Account Management team, our team embodies being hyper-focused on making sure our customers love Tasktop, and are successful with our solutions. We care about our customers and do what we can to make sure they continue to benefit from the value Tasktop is bringing to their organizations.

What does a typical day as the Senior Manager of Technical Account Management look like for you?

Since we have Tasktopian team members across the pond, usually the first part of my day is spent on conference calls that involve our European counterparts. Once that brief and precious window of cross-time zone coverage passes, the rest of the day is focused on cross-department collaboration, execution, and immersing ourselves in our customer success stories and product evolution!

Greatest accomplishment at Tasktop thus far?

When I started at Tasktop in 2015, I was a Senior Pre-Sales Engineer. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to then work on the deployment side of the house, and then was given the opportunity to form a new Technical Account Management group within Customer Success.  Being able to be immersed in the customer journey at Tasktop through pre-sales, post-sales and beyond, has been such a rewarding opportunity! We have also seen great successes and value-added for our customers who have a Technical Account Manager working side by side with them on their integration journey. Their successes and accomplishments feed why we do what we do every day!  It’s truly an amazing resource we’ve built from the ground-up, and I look forward to its continued growth in the coming year!

Go-to workday lunch?

Oh boy – my go-to workday lunch!  Well… I work remotely so I am usually confined to either leftovers from dinner the night before or grabbing something quick from the kitchen and bringing it back to my home office. The main challenge here is my furry felines like to stay involved in such tasks, so I must be sneaky so that they don’t bother me while I dine! Now if I had my choice, or if I am visiting our North American headquarters in Austin, TX, I’d be at Chuys. Hands down. Every day.  

Favourite Tasktop memory?

My most favorite Tasktop memory was an off-site we had before the launch of Tasktop Integration Hub, when the entire Go-To-Market team went to Napa Valley, California. It was an intense week of thought leadership, enablement, and getting ready for this major transformation for the company and the industry. Granted, it was simply breathtaking to be in the middle of lush green rolling hills with vineyards as far as the eye could see, and amazingly perfect weather, but it offered us a serene “getaway” to really come together as a team and focus on the launch ahead. The trip to the Del Dotto historic winery and cave was just the icing on the cake! I’ll never forget this face-to-face event!

How would you describe working at Tasktop in one sentence?

I have the ability to do something impactful and transformational each and every day!

Want to work with Lori?

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