A Day in the Life of… the Senior Director of Sales

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This week, we had the opportunity to speak with one of our Senior Director of Sales, Laura Horner! She discussed the importance of staying engaged with customers, the very first time Dr. Mik Kersten shared the Flow Framework™ with her, and her top three accomplishments at Tasktop. 

How do you start your day before work? 

We have a hectic morning in our home! I usually wake up and exercise before starting my day. With exercising starting as early as 5am, it has been a great way for me to jump start the day. (If it’s nice outside I go for a run and take advantage of the miles of trails in our neighbourhood). It’s really important for me to start the day off right with my family and wishing them a great day. When I get home from exercising, I help get the kids ready for school with my husband, have a cup of coffee, and then walk the kiddos up to school. The school bell rings at 7:50am! After getting back, I’ll finish a few things around the home, grab another cup of coffee, but ultimately, I get started on work for the day.

What is your role at Tasktop? 

I am responsible for driving revenue at Tasktop for the eastern portion of North America. I manage a team of five, so I’m responsible for making sure they have everything they need to be successful. This includes, but is not limited to, strategy sessions, prospecting efforts, coaching, working with customers, enablement, as well as being a liaison to other internal teams like Product, Marketing, Leadership, etc. on what we’re seeing in the field. It’s super important that I stay engaged with customers so I can make sure the voice of the customer is properly shared with Tasktop. This ensures when we are pivoting or making adjustments based on customer needs and market conditions.

What does a typical day as a Director of Sales look like for you? 

One thing that’s typical about my day is that nothing is typical! I am constantly talking to customers and other Tasktopians and often I’m onsite with customers.

Greatest accomplishment at Tasktop thus far? 

#1 – My WISA Award – Being nominated as the best Woman Sales Director in North America, and being selected as a finalist was an incredible honour and accomplishment. #2 – Leading and orchestrating the Tasktop team for an RFP response for a large federal customer that we were able to capture. #3 – Giving a Lightning Talk at DOES Vegas.

Go-to workday lunch? 

Lunch, what’s lunch? When I do get out for lunch, I meet up with my local NoVA Tasktopians.

Favourite Tasktop memory? 

Memory #1 – A couple of years ago Mik and I were in Columbus, OH for customer meetings. When he got off the plane and sat down at the airport Starbucks with me, he walked me through his v1 version of the Flow Framework which was handwritten on a scrap piece of paper. I knew right then and there it was something spectacular and that he would change the world. Memory #2 – Spending time with our entire GTM team in Vegas last year for DOES. It was Mik’s book launch and the energy was unbelievable. 

How would you describe working at Tasktop in one sentence? 

We know we’re building something special, and it’s so satisfying to work with a team that’s all working towards the same goal.

Want to work with Laura?

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