A Day in the Life of … the VP of Operations at Tasktop

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This week on ‘A Day in the Life of a Tasktopian’, we caught up with Tim Beditz, our VP of Operations. We discussed his morning walks with his yellow lab Louie, launching Hub Cloud, and his favorite Tasktop memory, which includes someone rapping!

How do you start your day before work?

I’m up around 5:30am for a coffee, read the paper (which includes a review of the previous day’s box scores during the baseball season), and then a walk with my wife Barb and our six-year-old old yellow lab, Louie. We walk through rain, sleet, snow — it doesn’t matter to Louie anyway. As far as work, I get settled in around 8:15 – 8:30am. My day starts with a review of my highest priority to-do’s that I prepare at the end of each working day. I had a previous manager describe this process that she used, and I tried it, and it has stayed with me since.     

What is your role at Tasktop?

A lot of people ask me that! I was hired in August 2018 to take Tasktop Hub Cloud to market through our Partner/OEM Channel. That effort—coupled with learning about Tasktop, our product, our people, our culture, our strategy, our various go-to-market channels and so on—completely occupied me until the summer of this year. As we were establishing Hub Cloud, Neelan (Tasktop President and COO) also tasked me with taking on leading the cross-functional launch of Tasktop Viz at DevOps Vegas 2019.     

What does a typical day as the VP of Operations look like for you?

Conference calls, conference calls, conference calls. I live in upstate New York just east of Albany, which equates to not only working remotely but as a by-product requires lots of calls with other Tasktopians to get things done. I thoroughly enjoy the folks I work with, and really look forward to getting on calls to not only focus on the work side of things, but to also get to know others better. The benefits of people getting to know one another personally, not only produces a bunch of “Wow, I didn’t know that about you…’ moments, but it also increases the quality and thoroughness of the work that gets done. I do a fair amount of customer and partner calls, and travel to both the Vancouver HQ and Austin office at regular intervals throughout the year.

Greatest accomplishment at Tasktop?

Without a doubt seeing the team hit our Hub Cloud OKR for FY19. In no way could that have been accomplished without Melanie Tam, Wes Coelho, David Slater, Amiran Alavidze, and Veer Siddiqui (to name a few). The success we achieved, however, goes much deeper than a number (the OKR). While we were working on the selling front, a whole lot of effort was also being invested into turning Tasktop from being strictly an on-prem ISV, to a Managed Service Provider. This is no small feat as it touches on how we contract for our software, the agreements we need to put in place, new ways we support our customers in areas such as performing their upgrades, how we’ll support these customers, how we onboard a new user, the SLA’s we have to adhere to because we are delivering a managed service, etc. For sure, Tasktop has indeed become a cloud company and we all should take great pride in that progression.    

Go-to workday lunch?

I’m kinda weird with lunch in that I don’t really take one in a formal sense. On occasion, I’ll wander downstairs (my home office is on the second floor of our home) and nose around the refrigerator, but usually I just grab a water and a Clif or granola bar. If pushed to answer this more specifically I’d say a grabbing a sushi lunch surfaces from time to time! 

Favourite Tasktop memory?

Without a doubt, seeing a rap-based video by Hayley Wight (Senior Sales Operations Coordinator) on how she came to Tasktop (sorry Hayley, I loved it) as a part of our October 2018 go-to-market team enablement in Las Vegas. 

How would you describe working at Tasktop in one sentence?

A place where our people and our customers are priority #1. Period. And while I know you were asking for only a single sentence, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that in many, many companies their top priorities do not align with ours.    

Want to work with Tim?

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