A Day in the Life of a… Solution Consultant

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Meet Matt Tilney, a Solution Consultant at Tasktop, and our only employee located in Australia! We spoke to Matt about his favourite Tasktop memory, which includes Rock Band, and what it’s like to work in a completely different timezone. 

How do you start your day before work?

The first thing to consider is that I not only work remotely geographically, but also in relation to time zones, which means my day starts after or at the end of most others. My day will often start by checking Slack on my phone from bed (not recommended), to see if there is anything I need to respond to in the next half-hour. This allows me to be awake, and not interrupt my partner while they continue to sleep. Very rarely do I need to respond, since a majority of my messages are of a social or informative nature. 

The remainder of my morning is typically spent self-cleaning and eating breakfast in front of my computer, starting to look more in-depth at slack and internal emails (typically I won’t respond to anything, especially customers, until I’m fully awake). While this may seem like an odd cultural morning, it is rather typical for a lot of people in my city, who will often get to work early, then eat breakfast while looking through morning emails, messages and updates. 

What is your role at Tasktop?

Solution Consultant. It’s a broad term, purposefully as my typical activities are also broad;

  • providing all levels of support directly and in-directly (for OEMs) to customers,
  • assisting or running deployments of Tasktop’s software into customer environments,
  • hosting various training sessions to our current, OEM and prospective customers
  • engaging in internal projects/discussions
  • promoting Tasktop and Project To Product locally

What does a typical day look like for you?

Following on from the start of my day, I’ll look to catch-up on any new internal developments made at Tasktop (just a reminder, I work out-of-office-hours). Following internal notes (any that are more than a summary, I put in a list to read/watch later in the day), I will follow up on any existing or new customer tickets. Then it’s time for coffee, which, if it’s a nice day, or I need to think-through a problem, the drink will be sourced with a short walk from one of the local roasters. Alternatively, I have a variety of beans and ways to make coffee (yes, I’m a bit of a snob).

From here my day varies greatly depending on the type of requests. Some days I find the ability to focus on slowly working through a particular issue, other days, I’m hopping between any number of customer tickets. 

As many of the customers I routinely respond to work during my morning or afternoon hours, on a typical day, I may have a call with a customer in the morning or afternoon/evening, leaving the mid-day portion free for individual work.

Greatest accomplishment at Tasktop thus far?

Being able to work remotely. As a social person, I never thought that it would be possible for me to work away from people, outside of an office, but it’s now been +2.5yrs, and is working largely due to Tasktop (I still think this would not be possible for my previous employers). 

Go-to workday lunch?

Most days it’ll be a simple home-made lunch, either some form or Udon/Ramen/Noodles or reheated leftovers. I try to make a point to head out to a cafe/take-out place for lunch once a week, mostly so that I don’t spend my entire week in a single location. 

Favourite Tasktop memory?

Feeling socially accepted, playing Rock Band after Friday-drinks with coworkers, while the bright yellow sun is setting over the horizon (from a time when I worked in the Vancouver office).

How would you describe working at Tasktop in one sentence?

Tasktop offers (me) a flexible and collaborative environment that encourages creativity, while still focusing on employee happiness.

Want to work with Matt?

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