An integrated approach for end-to-end traceability in software delivery

Patrick AndersonPosted by

The good news is that traditional enterprises are finally prioritizing software delivery to combat digital disruption. They’re growing and improving the quality of their digital product portfolio, as well enhancing their IT systems, to gain the competitive edge in the Age of Software. The bad news is that traceability in enterprise software delivery – i.e., tracking all the work and activities that delivers all these products – is becoming harder than ever.

For many of these organizations, especially those in heavily-regulated sectors such as finance, insurance and federal government, there is one overarching question – how do you optimize and innovate your software delivery while remaining compliant? Especially when all the work that takes place is invisible and travels through a complex network of people, tools and processes?

For safety-critical industries, the idea of introducing new tools, people and processes to accelerate delivery and time to value (TtV) can seem like a wave of red flags – a threat to their data integrity and security. Yet while change is never easy, when it comes to the frenetic digital world, it’s a necessity.

That’s why a new modern approach to traceability must be adopted – especially when product lifecycle profitability can be affected if software isn’t properly maintained, or if current or future regulation changes can’t be easily addressed.

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