4 weeks until Tasktop Connect 2018 – Top 10 Reasons to Attend

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It was great to hear from visionaries, practitioners, and enterprise IT leaders who are using Tasktop to help bridge the data divide that exists in the tool landscape. It was exciting to hear the vision of where Tasktop hopes to evolve their product offering to expose the flow of work in software development shops to improve the rapid delivery of high value software.” – Jon Harding, Executive Product Manager, Bank of America

We’re one week into November, which means that there’s two important US holidays approaching fast – Thanksgiving and Tasktop Connect 2018 (not an official US holiday but we’re celebrating as if it is!).

While I’m personally still digesting my Thanksgiving dinner from last year, I wanted to take some time to help you digest what’s in store for this year’s event (December 6, Washington, DC). In no particular order, here are the top 10 reasons you should attend. 

1. Join the Project to Product movement

Tasktop CEO and co-founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, finally unveiled his eagerly-anticipated book Project To Product to the world in Las Vegas during his keynote, Project To Product: How Value Stream Networks will Transform IT and Business. In the book, Mik introduces the Flow Framework™ – a new pioneering approach to see, measure, and manage software delivery to extract more business value from IT. Tasktop Connect attendees will not only receive a copy of Project To Product, but also receive exclusive access to sessions on how to start the Flow Framework™ and enable the transition towards a product mindset and execution.

As an admirer of Dr. Mik Kersten’s decade long history of contributions to our field, it was a genuine pleasure to participate in Tasktop’s first customer conference. Now more than ever, we need software architectures to enable fast flow through our value streams.” – Gene Kim, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project

2. Deep drive in the Flow Framework

The event will feature a three-session deep dive into the Flow Framework™ led by its creator Dr. Mik Kersten as well as Dominica DeGrandis (Tasktop Director of Digital Transformation), and Carmen DeArdo (Senior Value Stream Strategist). In the morning, attendees will break down the framework and develop and understanding of what’s required to get started. Following lunch, you’ll learn how to apply the core concepts of the framework to product value streams that exist within your organization today. In the afternoon, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of Flow Metrics, how they can be obtained and applied to make better decisions to optimize business value. View the full agenda.

The first Tasktop Connect was amazing. Mik’s vision on ‘Value Stream Networks’, and the direction Tasktop is going in, will enable to customers gain more visibility and insights into their bottlenecks. This will revolutionize how enterprises build architecture and optimize their capability to deliver business value to their customers faster.” – Carmen DeArdo, Senior Value Stream Strategist, Tasktop (formerly Technology Director, Nationwide Insurance)


3. Continuing the inspiring conversation from DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

It’s fair to say that DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 in Las Vegas last month was a resounding success. The DevOps and wider IT community thoroughly engaged with with the “Project to Product” movement, flow and Value Stream Management. Whether you were there or not, the conversation continues in the US capital within a more hands-on, intimate setting with Tasktop’s leadership and the company’s inspiring customers. If you did it miss DOES 2018, you can get a flavour of the event from our review blogs of Day One and Day Two, as well as post-event reflections from Carmen DeArdo (Tasktop’s Senior Value Stream Strategist).

4. Hear from customers about their transformational journeys

A insightful and lively panel discussion from last year. Photo: Robb McCormick Photography – https://www.robbmccormick.com

Tasktop customers from across the Federal, Global Aerospace, Healthcare, and Insurance industries will share their inspiring and thought-provoking individual journeys towards an integrated value stream. Despite varying business content, you’ll learn from “those that have done it” on how to unleash your organization’s full software delivery potential and come away with new ideas on how to best utilize Tasktop and Value Stream Management at your organization.

Watch individual presentations from Tasktop Connect 2017 from the likes of Gene Kim, Robin Yeman,  Keith Pemberton and more.

5. Presentations from IT leaders

You’ll hear from 12 IT and Business leaders on they’re using Value Stream Integration to pave their way through the myriad complex challenges of enterprise software delivery, including:

  • Dave West (Scrum.org)
  • Kyle Williams and Fabio Echavarria (Deloitte)
  • Robin Yeman (Lockheed Martin)
  • Kristen Biddulph (Nationwide)
  • Suzette Johnson (Northrop Grumman)
  • Mark Ford (TIAA)
  • Jeff Zahorchak (Select Medical)

Attendees will also hear presentations from Dr. Mik Kersten, Dominica DeGrandis, Carmen DeArdo and Nicole Bryan (Tasktop’s VP of Product Management).

“I thought Tasktop Connect 2017 had a great mix of honest User Stories and helpful Tasktop information. The event had the feel of a well-seasoned conference, I was stunned to find out it was the first one!” – Tom Horn, Collaboration Lead for Development Solutions, US Bank


6. Onsite support


Completed your first deployment and looking to scale? Have an issue but never reported it? Considering a new tool for your suite? Wanting to maximize your investment in Tasktop and other tools in your value stream? You’ll have the opportunity to meet with Tasktop’s Customer Success, Product, and Support teams on-site (including the one and only, Shawn Minto). Bring your questions and we’ll have the answers in real-time about how to create a clear roadmap for success.

7. Beyond CI/CD

The productivity benefits of Agile and DevOps do not impact total end-to-end flow time without integrating tools and team from the ideate and operate stages.

If you already have Release Automation, that’s great to hear. It’s a vital step to help you deliver software products faster and eliminate the bottleneck between “Dev” and “Ops”. However, what if your bottleneck is further upstream or downstream? To be truly Agile and a DevOps high performer, you need Value Stream Integration alongside Release Automation to accelerate delivery from ideation to operation and back through the customer feedback loop, as well as end-to-end traceability and visibility for compliance and continuous improvement. We’ll show you how you can go beyond CI/CD to be successful with your digital transformation.

8. Access to Tasktop’s wide partner network

Access to Tasktop’s wide Partner network – come talk to us about joining! Photo: Robb McCormick Photography – https://www.robbmccormick.com

Without our vast partner network, Tasktop wouldn’t be the organization we are today. Tasktop Connect will provide access to our Business Development team onsite and include attendance from numerous partners and Tasktop Connect Sponsors. Are you a partner interested in attending Connect? Reach out to Grace Smith for more information on how you can get involved and attend our Partner Enablement on December 5th.

9. Stay ahead of the curve

To survive in the Age of Software, your organization will need to survive digital disruption. To survive digital disruption, your organization needs the Flow Framework™. Tasktop Connect will help you keep pace with the latest software delivery methodologies and give you a level up on competition not in attendance. Who doesn’t want to return to the boss with actionable opportunity and be the hero of their organization?

10. Networking galore

Mingle with Tasktopians, industry thought leaders and likeminded industry players. Photo: Robb McCormick Photography – https://www.robbmccormick.com

The opportunity to mingle and talk with other Tasktop customers regarding their tool syncs was extremely valuable. I had direct access to Tasktop product management, providing me with information that I can take back and apply immediately. And after gaining insight into the importance of value streams from industry experts, I am now re-invigorated and ready to visualize our own value stream network.” – Mark Ford, Lead Developer, Global Corporate Solution Technology (GCST), TIAA

In addition to our insightful agenda, we’ve made sure to leave plenty of breaks and opportunities for meaningful conversations with your peers. Between breakfast, lunch, and multiple breaks, we promise your stomach, nor your appetite to learn, will go unsatisfied.

Bonus! Become a spy (sort of)

After a full day of informative sessions, the excitement continues at the International Spy Museum! Sponsored by our evening event sponsor, iRise, Tasktop Connect attendees will enjoy food, drinks, and networking in the fictional country of Khandar. An ideal wrap up for an exciting day of VSM.

If that doesn’t entice you to attend Tasktop Connect 2018, I’m not sure what will. But to sweeten the deal, use code NOVEMBER for 30% off registration.

We hope to see you in DC!

For any questions about attending, exhibiting or sponsoring Tasktop Connect, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Join our Flow Framework™ Partner Day – December 5th

We have also seen a big spike of interest from consultants and services provides who are supporting customers on this journey, and see the Flow Framework™ as a key enabler. To address this, we are adding a Flow Framework™ Partner Day on the day prior to the conference. Those attending the partner day will benefit from our very latest materials and practices. To sign up for this exclusive opportunity, please contact Grace Smith.

Missed the action from Tasktop Connect 2017?


Click image to watch last year’s presentations, including sessions like “McKeeson’s Tasktop journey on traceability”