The 2018 Text Editor and IDE Playoffs

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It’s playoff season in the world of sports. The NHL kicked off the journey to the Stanley Cup last night and the NBA had an exciting finish to the regular season cementing the matches set to start this Saturday. Not to mention how epic this year’s March Madness was.

There are many tools we use everyday in software development. With all this heated excitement, drama and glory we were inspired to conduct a little playoff bracket of our own for this episode of Tasktalks. Kevin and I are joined by Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan, another one of our software developers, to matchup 16 text editors and IDEs against one another. We picked everything from the best of breed, the tried and true, to the ridiculous but fun.

The bracket has some clear favourites and some underdogs however in typical sports fashion, there was some definite drama in many of the matchups. We were honestly surprised by some of the upsets and our hearts were won over by a couple Cinderella stories. That said, at the end of the day, we went through 3 rounds of grueling debates to crown the top product. At least for one episode that is.


  • 16 products in the text editor/IDE space
  • Matchups chosen arbitrarily
  • Each of us will have a chance to provide thoughts arguing our case as to which product moves on
  • Product with the majority of votes in each matchup moves on