Tasktop is Hiring

by David Green, May 5th, 2011

The Tasktop team is growing again! We have four new technical positions available. This is a great opportunity to join a fantastic team of world-class engineers who affect hundreds of thousands of people through open source and our proprietary innovations.

The Tasktop Team, Vancouver contingent

Before I joined Tasktop, I was astounded at the Tasktop’s velocity and the impact they’ve had on software developers through Tasktop’s “less is more” approach to developer tools and the task-focused interface. Now that I’ve seen it from the inside, I understand that it’s a combination of many factors: the caliber of the team, the extent to which Tasktop’s innovation is driven by community, the way that Tasktop works with its customers and partners, the connection to thought leadership both within Tasktop and at large, the way that Tasktop communicates and organizes, and Tasktop’s culture of listening to and empowering the individual.

If you’re passionate about software and people, love technology and tools, have a persistent hunger for learning, and want to work with some of the best minds in the industry, apply and join the Tasktop team!

5 Responses to “Tasktop is Hiring”

  1. Chris Aniszczyk Says:

    Nice to see you guys come a long way since those early Mylar days :)

  2. Andreas Höhmann Says:

    Hi David,
    nice to hear that tasktop is growing. Is it possible to work for you from Germany :D
    Regards Andreas

  3. David Green Says:

    @Chris thanks!

    @Andreas the preferred location is Vancouver, Canada however we do have offices in other areas including Germany, United Kingdom, New York, California, Virginia, Toronto and Austin.

  4. Andreas Höhmann Says:

    where do you have a office in germany?
    maybe in the beautiful city of Leipzig ;)

  5. David Green Says:

    @Andreas there are multiple locations in Germany, Leipzig is not currently among them — however there’s always an opportunity for a new location.

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