New Tasktop Webinar Series

by Wesley Coelho, January 19th, 2011

We are thrilled to bring you the Tasktop Webinar Series! The series will include one or two webinars every month on topics that will help your engineering teams improve productivity, increase visibility and transparency and facilitate collaboration in a world marked by remote teams and increasing complexity. Our initial webinars cover topics that have been requested often by our community and in-depth technical content including a preview of Mylyn 3.5 by the creator of Mylyn, Mik Kersten, as well as the first in-depth demo of Tasktop for Visual Studio. If there are any topics that you’d like Tasktop to cover in the webinar series, don’t hesitate to use the contact us form or send an email

Webinar spaces are limited so please register for the webinar(s) of your choice below.


Integrating IBM Rational Team Concert and HP Quality Center using Tasktop

Robert Elves, Tasktop Enterprise Integrations Architect and Eclipse Mylyn Committer

TODAY, January 20th, 8am-9am PST (UTC-8)

Organizations deploying IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) alongside HP Quality Center (QC) have been lacking a robust mechanism for federating and synchronizing defects and work items between IBM Rational products and HP ALM and Quality Center. Developers often have to enter information regarding their activities into multiple systems and managers lack the visibility and traceability that is needed to be effective. In this webinar, Robert Elves will show the audience how Tasktop Enterprise can be used to provide IDE integration and synchronization for RTC and QC to improve development team productivity and collaboration between developers and QA professionals and provide visibility into both RTC and HP QC and ALM.


What’s new in Eclipse Mylyn 3.5: Agile, ALM and developer tools

Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO, Founder of Eclipse Mylyn

Thursday, February 24th, 9am-10am PST (UTC-8)

Mylyn has morphed from a hot new developer tool to an entrenched top-level Eclipse project that provides the developer integration and ALM vendor federation that’s critical for organizations deploying Agile. In this webinar, Mik Kersten will review how the new task management, code review, SCM and continuous integration sub-projects of Mylyn are making it dramatically easier for developers to work with Agile, enterprise scale, and open source ALM systems. Mik will present strategies for deploying Mylyn at your organization to get the most out of the collaboration and traceability tools that it provides. The presentation will conclude with an overview of the growing number Mylyn ALM integrations, and demonstrate the latest productivity features made available as part of Mylyn 3.5 and its ecosystem.


Introducing Tasktop for Visual Studio

Dr. David Shepherd, Senior Developer at Tasktop Technologies and author of the task-focused best practices blog series

Thursday, March 10th, 9am-10am PST (UTC-8)

In this webinar, Dr. David Shepherd will unveil how the new Tasktop for Visual Studio tool allows Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio developers to bring HP and open-source ALM solutions into the Visual Studio UI to seamlessly integrate work items alongside coding activities. For developers, this means spending more of your day inside Microsoft Visual Studio where you are most productive. For managers, this means a much more up-to-date Agile or ALM repository. Dr. Shepherd will demonstrate how to bring work items into Visual Studio so that developers can update them as they work. For team leads and managers he will demonstrate how Tasktop’s tooling easily scales to thousands of tasks, keeping them abreast of their team’s progress.

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