How Benjamin Muskalla arrived at Tasktop

by Benjamin Muskalla, October 18th, 2010

So much has happened since I joined the Eclipse community 6 years ago. Some of you may remember the pyramid from the book “Contributing to Eclipse” that depicts the path from being a pure user to becoming a contributor and finally a committer. My time as only a user of Eclipse was not that long – far too many bugs popped up and disturbed my workflow. Some people in this situation might say, “Hey, this software sucks, make it better!” But I was intrigued that the open source Eclipse platform offered another option. So I sat down one night, dug through an endless list of wiki pages and source code and began fixing the bugs that crossed my path. I became part of a community, which means much more than just fixing bugs. I was able to make meaningful contributions in collaboration with others and support other community members engaged in the effort to improve Eclipse. After some time, while still contributing to several projects like the Mylyn Google Code connector, Mylyn itself, EGit and other Eclipse projects, I took on a full time role as a committer on the Rich Ajax Platform while at EclipseSource.

Some have asked what motivates me to work on so many Eclipse projects. Take EGit, for example. In my humble opinion, Git is the future for version control systems and I want to ensure that Eclipse users, me included, can leverage these technologies seamlessly within the IDE. The motivation for my contributions to other projects is the same. Essentially, I’m driven to integrate everything I need for my workday into the Eclipse IDE and take steps toward a fully integrated interface.

Not surprisingly, Mylyn, the integration and task-focused interface framework for Eclipse, has been included in all of my Eclipse installations. In fact, my second bug in the Eclipse Bugzilla was filed against Mylyn, the most innovative and useful plug-ins for my personal workflow. I have always been mesmerized by how Mylyn helps me daily with the task management and the task-focused interface. After experiencing Mylyn, I needed to have everything I need integrated with the IDE.

Today, I’m proud and happy to announce that I’ve joined the team at Tasktop Technologies, who created and lead Mylyn. I’ll now be able to turn my full attention to the great effort to deliver a seamlessly integrated IDE experience that shows all of the information I need while focusing the UI to show only the information I need. It’s great to be a part of this exciting movement that is changing the way we work!

9 Responses to “How Benjamin Muskalla arrived at Tasktop”

  1. Gunnar Says:

    Congrats Benny and good luck! Mik has a great @ Tasktop!

  2. Lars Vogel Says:

    All the best to you. I believe this will be a very good move for Tasktop and hopefully for yourself too.:-)

  3. Holger Says:

    All the best from me too. I hope you will have the same fun as with us…

  4. Stefan Roeck Says:

    The blog title sounds like you’re already working on your memoirs :-) Have a good start.

  5. Benjamin Cabé Says:

    Awesome, congrats Benny! Beers on me in two weeks at ESE! :-)

  6. Chris Aniszczyk Says:

    Good luck Benny, I’ll know you’ll do good things at Tasktop!

  7. David Green Says:

    It’s an honor to have you join the team Benjamin!

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  9. Luis Carlos Moreira da Costa Says:

    @Sucess Benny

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