Tasktop Dev 2.1 released

by Mik Kersten, August 9th, 2011

Hot on the heels of the Tasktop Sync 1.0 release, we are pleased to announce the availability of Tasktop Dev 2.1. As an indication of our focus on the Agile and ALM needs of the developer, the product line previously known as Tasktop is now called Tasktop Dev. This release builds on the Eclipse Indigo release of Mylyn 3.6, includes the latest connectors, productivity features and new Agile planning support, and is a significant step forward in terms of connecting developers to both the Agile and the traditional planning process, while ensuring that we get to use the best-of-breed ALM and open source technologies that make us productive.

James Governor (RedMonk founder and Principal Analyst) and I discussed the release and walked through some of the key features:

Here are a few highlights from the Tasktop 2.1 New & Noteworthy:

HP ALM & Quality Center 11 on Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows
HP ALM Requirements, Defects and Tests can now be retrieved on Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows machines using the REST connection provided by ALM 11 instead of the native connection. This feature is only supported when connecting to ALM 11 Patch 2 or higher.

HP ALM & Quality Center Tests
You can now bring HP ALM Tests into your Task List along side your HP ALM Defects and Requirements.

Tasktop for VS: Ability to View Task Associations
The Visual Studio task editor now displays task associations, making it easy to see the parent and child relationships and external dependencies inside Visual Studio. Double-clicking an associated task opens it in the task editor, allowing you to quickly access its content.

Planner Story Board and Kanban
The planning tools now support Kanban for compatible ALM tools, and includes a story board and WIP limits. The release planner now supports grouping stories and tasks by activity or assignee, allowing you to organize your planning around these high level concepts.

Focus plan on My Tasks
The task board and story board now include a “Focus on My Tasks” button which shows you only the tasks or stories that are assigned to you.

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