Tasktop 1.5, Mylyn 3.2 and new connectors released for Eclipse Galileo

by Mik Kersten, June 24th, 2009

The landscape of change management tools is diverse, due to the presence of legacy systems, new tools for agile and Scrum, and the need to choose among best-of-breed solutions. Across the Mylyn and Tasktop channels we have seen over 1000 requests for Mylyn connectors to 60 different change and task management solutions. The 2009 Eclipse Survey demonstrated this heterogeneity, identifying the popularity of Mozilla Bugzilla and Atlassian JIRA, followed by Trac, Mantis, IBM Rational ClearQuest and others, all with active use in the Eclipse ecosystem. With today’s releases of Tasktop 1.5, Eclipse Galileo, Mylyn 3.2 and more connectors, the measurable productivity benefits of the task-focused interface are now available for all of the change management solutions popular with Eclipse users. Thanks to the rapid expansion of Mylyn and Tasktop integrations, Eclipse is now the most broadly connected IDE available. Here are some highlights from today’s releases.

Mylyn 3.2

The biggest news is the Mylyn Connector Discovery portal, which makes finding and installing connectors as easy as downloading iPhone apps or Firefox add-ins (screenshot follows). In addition to having resolved 334 Bugzilla reports and feature requests since the March release of Mylyn 3.1, and 988772 since the Eclipse Ganymede release of Mylyn 3.0, we have highlighted 23 notable features in the Mylyn New & Noteworthy. One of the most significant is the UI improvements that we’ve made to the Task Editor, the main point of contact to the task-focused workday. The process of triaging incoming change notifications and commenting on tasks should now be faster than going through email.


The most noteworthy community contribution to this release is the screen capture and editing improvements made by Hiroyuki Inaba. Hiroyuki took the basic screen capture facility, which itself originated entirely from community contributions, and turned it into a full-featured tool for communicating with screenshots. We are very pleased to see that even as the project matures, community contributions to Mylyn remain high. Since the Ganymede release, we have seen 249 Bugzilla reports on Mylyn resolved by countless patches.


The biggest addition to Mylyn in the past year is WikiText, the lightweight wiki markup editing framework, created by David Green, which we all now depend on when authoring tasks. WikiText has seen numerous improvements, such as integration with the local task editor, formatting for stack traces, and output to PDF when used as an API for converting wiki documents.


Tasktop 1.5

This release of Tasktop has seen the usual stream of improvements and responses to user feedback, and the free trial has been extended to 60 days. The most notable parts of the release are two new connectors to popular change management tools, which have been added to Tasktop.

ClearQuest Connector

The Mylyn integration for ClearQuest has long been in the top 10 highest voted feature requests among 280,000 Bugzilla reports on Eclipse. Thanks to Tasktop Technologies’ new partnership with IBM around the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) web service APIs for change management, the connector is now available, and has been validated as “Ready for IBM Rational Software”. Teams using ClearQuest can now take advantage of offline support and powerful new capabilities for working with ClearQuest artifacts directly from Eclipse along with the benefits of the task-focused workspace and one-click multitasking.


ScrumWorks Pro Connector

The task-focused interface has its roots in agile development and we’ve recently seen a sharp increase in demand for Mylyn from teams and organizations adopting Scrum. Tasktop has partnered with Danube, creators of ScrumWorks Pro, to deliver a fully integrated environment for Scrum development that takes advantage of Mylyn’s task-focused interface, enabling Task List integration, offline editing, and the task-focused workflow for users of ScrumWorks.


Connectors Galore

We created the Tasktop Certified program in order to provide users with assurance that the Mylyn connectors they are installing meet a quality level defined by the Eclipse UI guidelines, the Eclipse coordinated release guidelines, the Mylyn framework guidelines, and Tasktop’s usability guidelines. When you see the “Tasktop Certified” label you can be sure that no matter what makes up your tool stack, the connectors you install will interoperate seamlessly to provide you with comprehensive Eclipse integration, focus for workspace artifacts, and one-click multitasking. For example, if you’re making a Spring-powered application, tracking tasks with JIRA, building with Bamboo, and using Subversion for your source code, you simply install the latest Tasktop Certified SpringSource Tool Suite, check off the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse and the CollabNet Desktop in the Mylyn Connector Discovery to create a fully integrated and task-focused tool set. Here’s a glimpse of the connector ecosystem today.


Mylyn 3.2 New & Noteworthy

Tasktop 1.5 New & Noteworthy

6 Responses to “Tasktop 1.5, Mylyn 3.2 and new connectors released for Eclipse Galileo”

  1. Alexander Deliyannis Says:

    Tasktop development is certainly impressive, but it remains clearly programmer-oriented. I myself was attracted to the program as a project manager *not* involved in software development. As such, I feel that Tasktop has left me behind. Last year, during discussions with the userbase, it was clearly noted that Tasktop would address the needs of non-programmers as well. I myself have renewed my subscription, but can’t help being disappointed by the direction of development; the screenshot above is rather typical: only 2 out of 10 connectors (not counting Taskto Pro) are targeted to non-programmers as well.

    At the same time, a plethora of (mainly) mind mapping applications are getting a multitude of new features and extensions, including web clients, evolving into powerful general project management tools, and slowly but steadily capturing this huge market. By the time (if ever) Tasktop caters for PMs outside the software development world, it will probably be too late for anyone out there to notice.

  2. Mik Kersten Says:

    I appreciate your sentiments Alexander, since I also spend a good portion of may day performing project management activities. Over the past year we have seen tremendous interest from programmers and from larger organizations wanting to streamline their developers’ workflow with Mylyn and Tasktop. We learned that the main impediment to adoption was availability of connectors, and as such made that the priority for this release. So today’s crop of new connectors is targeted at developers and software project managers. In addition, this release is riding the Eclipse Galileo wave, adding to its focus on software development.

    But the good news is that we haven’t been ignoring general project and task management, and that you won’t have to wait until the next release to try out what we have coming. This Friday we’re start a limited beta of a new kind of task-focused collaboration technology targeted beyond software development. Please contact info at tasktop.com stating that you’re interested in participating. Other Tasktop users interested in learning more about this should get on the Early Access program as we’ll continue rolling out invitations over the summer.

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  5. Wolfgang Strunk Says:

    thanks for your great work on Mylyn. Although I am not using Tasktop but CollabNet Desktop, it is real nice to have the Mylyn integration for trackers.
    As we are using ClearQuest in parallel, I would be interested to get mor information about the ClearQuest connector. Can you pint to any document?.


  6. Wesley Coelho Says:


    You can find more information about the ClearQuest connector at: http://tasktop.com/clearquest

    The ClearQuest connector is currently available via an Early Access program. If you would like to join that program, please contact us and we’ll send you details on how to get started with the connector.

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