Mylyn 3.4.3 and 3.5 RC2 available

by Steffen Pingel, February 28th, 2011

Those regularly checking for updates on the Mylyn weekly site may wonder why there were no changes for several weeks and come February there has been a spur of activity. Read on for an update on what has been happening behind the scenes and some of the cool new features available in Mylyn 3.5 RC2.

Several month ago we undertook an effort to make the Mylyn top-level project a reality. We started by splitting the code base that had evolved for over five years along its API boundaries into eight sub-projects each with its own Bugzilla product, source repository and project plan. Four sub-projects, Docs, Builds, Reviews and Versions, chose to host their sources in Git while Commons, Context, Incubator and Tasks have moved to a new CVS root with a migration to Git planned for later this year.

Having Git in the mix and a need for a modular build prompted us to replace a conglomerate of shell scripts, ant files and PDE build magic with a standard Tycho build. With that in place it was straight forward to run builds on the Hudson server on a regular schedule where results are now accessible and visible to anyone.

Integration tests are running against all supported platforms, Eclipse 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7, and work is underway to also fully support Eclipse 4.1. Tests are split into different suites for regular JUnit plug-in tests, SWTBot UI tests and standalone tests that run on a plain VM without requiring an OSGi container. That way, if a commit accidentally introduces an undesired UI or platform dependency or uses an API not available on older Eclipse platforms, we find out before a build is released.

I’m happy that the resolution of bug 328383 marks the completion of the restructuring. After releasing Mylyn 3.4.3 as part of Helios SR2 last Friday we are now focusing with full force on resolving the remaining bugs for the Mylyn 3.5 release in March.

A very cool new features is a hover affordance that is displayed in focused navigator views. It replaces the quirky Alt+click (also known as Alt+Shift+Ctrl+click to Linux users) mechanism to show children of a clicked node. Additionally, nodes are no longer collapsed while unfiltering hierarchies making it much simpler to navigate.

One of my favorite widgets finally escaped the Incubator and now comes with the Task List. It’s a link that shows the active task on the window trim next to a button for two click activation of tasks from the history.

The widget is hidden by default and can be enabled on the Tasks preference page.

If you don’t want to wait for the release, checkout the 3.5 RC2 build from the new weekly update site location:

Due to the amazing developer community that is moving the Mylyn sub-projects forward, the 3.5 RC2 build also includes the first preview version of the Gerrit code review connector! More about that in a future post.

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  3. Mike Henke Says:

    I am receiving a “problem occurred” dialog box when trying the update. “No repository found at

  4. Steffen Pingel Says:

    Hi Mike,

    thanks for pointing that out. The correct URL is: . I have updated the URL on the weekly New & Noteworthy page.


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