Meet us at the Eclipse Summit Europe in Ludwigsburg

by Benjamin Muskalla, October 29th, 2010

Back in July, my colleagues and I discussed the hurdles of contributing to an open-source project. We hypothesized that many people are hesitant to provide patches because they might be critiqued. The brave souls that do submit patches quickly realize that this feedback is an excellent opportunity to learn. Yet, as I mentioned in my first blog post, contributing to an open-source project means much more than just submitting patches. It’s all about responsibilities, collaboration with other teams and, last but not least, traceability.

At the Eclipse Summit Europe next week Wayne and Janet from the Eclipse Foundation along with myself will try to clarify what it means to be a committer by describing a day in the life of an Eclipse committer. We will show you how to get a backstage pass to the Eclipse community, how to contribute to the ecosystem, what it means to be involved in the Eclipse community and why contributions will raise your profile.

However, I’m not the only Tasktop team member presenting at ESE. Steffen will present on the very practical topic of how to simplify update and extension install for RCP applications. You will learn how to embed p2 discovery, of Mylyn Connector Portal (see screenshot) and Eclipse Marketplace Client fame, to provide a branded UI for installing extensions. If you’d like to make your RCP application’s update and install process as easy to understand as the Firefox extension installer and updater join Steffen for this presentation.

Last but not least we’re always interested in discussing Mylyn. On Wednesday night we plan to organize a Birds of a Feather session around Mylyn. We’ll discuss the recent project restructuring, help new-comers get set up to contribute, and explore other Mylyn-related topics as there is interest. This BOF is a great chance to spend some time with part of the team that created Mylyn. Check the registration desk for an exact time and location.

We hope to see everyone in Ludwigsburg for interesting discussions! Enjoy the conference!

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  1. Chris Aniszczyk Says:

    I hope to meet up with y’all!

    I’m excited to learn what you’ll be contributing to soon :)

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