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Tasktop Teams up with Appfire – A Leading Atlassian Platinum Expert

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

We’re delighted to be kicking off a new partnership with Appfire to more effectively deliver DevOps integration to the Atlassian JIRA community. Atlassian has always done things a little differently from other vendors in this space. For example, while most companies’ top leadership wear suits, at Atlassian you can identify the most senior people by their Converse sneakers and hoodies. Another way Atlassian operates differently is by offering an almost entirely self-service model with no salespeople. Yes, Atlassian is dipping its toes into the world of sales with new Enterprise Advocates and Technical Account Managers. But there are currently only 7 of these folks in a 1000+ person company with a massive customer base and they are just scratching the surface.

So let’s say you’re a big bank with 60+ instances of JIRA and you need a little more help than just purchasing the software off the website with a credit card. Where do you get enterprise-level consulting to make this work? This is where the Atlassian Platinum Experts come in. The Experts are companies that partner with Atlassian to provide enterprise sales and services for large customers. And Appfire is among the very top providers for the Atlassian community.

Me and George Lannan from Appfire at Atlassian Summit 2014

Because Atlassian and their customers do things a little differently, it makes a lot of sense to partner with an organization that knows both the products and the community inside and out, including the dress code. Our new partnership with Appfire will make it easier for this community to discover and deploy Tasktop integration technology. More importantly, we’ll work together to help customers benefit from the ability to connect JIRA with the rest of the enterprise development tool stack without ripping and replacing existing investments. Exciting times.

For more information check out the news release or contact us.

Agile 2014: Agile swims into the big sea

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

We’ve just wrapped up the Agile 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by Tasktop. One of the overall themes shouting the loudest at this year’s event is Enterprise Agile. Agile has enjoyed tremendous success at the team level and attention continues to turn toward making Agile work at larger scales. Agile 2014 featured a track dedicated to Enterprise Agile and many of Tasktop’s partners were on hand to talk about how they can help organizations take Agile to another level.

photo 1

photo 2

Given the focus on scaling up, it’s no surprise that Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) was also front and center at the event and worthy of its own separate track. While PPM as a discipline has much to gain from directly adopting Agile practices, another key area for improvement is the interaction between PPM and Agile development. PPM, Agile or otherwise, will always take place at a higher level of abstraction than Agile development, and require project management tools specialized for each level.

This is where Tasktop can bridge the gap by automating the interaction between PPM and Agile development. Connecting these stakeholders is critical so that each has instant visibility into priorities and progress information. For example, the new Tasktop 3.6 release provides the capability to automatically send time tracking information from Atlassian JIRA and IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) into CA Clarity PPM.

Of course, Agile’s swim into adjacent seas extends far beyond PPM. There is an ever-increasing need to automate the connections between Agile and disciplines like QA and IT Service Management. The Agile translation project for the Agile Manifesto is symbolic of Agile’s expansion and Tasktop is leading the way in connecting the big sea of software delivery.

Enjoy more integration options with Tasktop Dev 2.8

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Tasktop Dev 2.8 was released on August 8 and has several interesting enhancements to note.

This release introduces new capabilities that leverage Tasktop Sync to provide new SCM traceability capabilities across disparate tools. Imagine ACME co. has a development team that has adopted HP ALM. They’ve also adopted HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) which includes SCM integration and Tasktop Dev (OEM’d by HP as HP ALI Dev). When ACME’s developers commit code, ALI provides full traceability between the code and defects or requirements managed with HP ALM. All is well with the world until ACME acquires a subsidiary that uses JIRA and wants to integrate it into ACME’s existing infrastructure. Now, code committed against JIRA issues is no longer visible in HP ALI reports, wreaking havoc on the unified visibility and reporting ACME had been getting from ALI.

Commit Traceability

Not to worry, ACME can restore order with Tasktop Dev 2.8 working in concert with Tasktop Sync. By synchronizing HP ALM with JIRA, each JIRA issue becomes associated with a corresponding HP defect or requirement. When committing code against a JIRA issue, Tasktop Dev 2.8 automatically inserts the corresponding HP ID into the commit message. This establishes the link between the code and the HP artifact, thereby restoring the HP ALI traceability and reporting ACME had come to rely on.

Other key improvements for Tasktop Dev 2.8 include support for Tasktop trims in Eclipse 4 such as the working set trim, web search, starred list and task timing counter.

E4 Trims

With the Gmail Connector, developers can bring messages with a given label into the integrated Task List, providing a single “inbox” that unifies both email and incoming notifications from ALM systems. For Tasktop Dev 2.8 the Gmail integration has been enhanced with the ability to jump from a given point in a Gmail message thread in the IDE to the corresponding expanded message in the browser where the full Gmail functionality is available.

Check out Tasktop Dev 2.8 or contact us about the cross-ALM source code traceability feature which is currently available as part of an Early Access release.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 11 Beta Sync in action

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Microsoft has just announced the Team Foundation Server 11 Beta. We’ve had the privilege of working in partnership with Microsoft R&D to test pre-beta versions of TFS 11 with Tasktop Sync. The GA version of TFS 11 isn’t expected to ship for a while but to ensure Tasktop Sync, Tasktop Dev, and Eclipse Mylyn achieve their promise of seamless interoperability, we work closely with ALM vendors long before GA. This early collaboration typically involves testing new API and creating features tailored to the new versions. Thanks to partnerships like this with leading ALM vendors, for Tasktop Certified ALM tools, we release compatible versions of Tasktop at the same time as new versions of ALM systems become generally available.

The development drops of TFS 11 that Tasktop has been testing also power Microsoft’s new Team Foundation Service that will offer TFS hosted in cloud. This means Sync will work with both on premise and cloud versions of TFS 11. As long as Sync has network access to the systems being synchronized, both Sync and the synchronized ALM systems can live anywhere.

Check out the video below to see Tasktop Sync in action with the new TFS 11 Beta. In the video Tasktop’s Doug Janzen demonstrates an example configuration where TFS is synchronized with HP ALM 11. The video shows new defects being instantly created and kept in sync across both systems and provides a peek at how fields are mapped between the HP and Microsoft systems.

We’ll keep testing new drops from Microsoft and look forward to simultaneously releasing compatible versions Tasktop when TFS 11 goes live — in both on premise and cloud-hosted forms. Sign up for the Tasktop newsletter to hear when the GA integration will be available.

New Mylyn connector delivers integration nirvana for Borland StarTeam

Monday, November 28th, 2011


We’re pleased to announce the release of a full-featured Mylyn Connector for Borland StarTeam, a robust and scalable platform for software project and source code management. This new connector is available for both Tasktop Dev (Eclipse and Visual Studio) and Tasktop Sync and is the result of a close R&D collaboration with Borland, a Micro Focus company.

Today Borland is also announcing that StarTeam 12.0 will be released on December 16th 2011. This latest version of the platform includes a number of new capabilities that complement the new interoperability provided by the connector.


Connect StarTeam with Eclipse and Visual Studio Development

The StarTeam Mylyn connector provides integrated access to StarTeam artifacts
such as tasks, defects and requirements, all from the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE. In Eclipse, Mylyn’s task focused programming productivity capabilities are fully supported, enabling developers to recover from interruptions and view only the relevant code for a task with a single click.

StarTeam tasks and task editor

Time tracking is a painful reality for many developers but with the StarTeam connector time spent on each task is automatically tracked, making it easy for developers to adjust recorded time as needed and submit it to the StarTeam server. The StarTeam task editor also displays a chart showing when and how much time was spent on the task in the recent past.


Bi-directional task to code traceability

The new connector also seamlessly extends Borland’s existing StarTeam Eclipse Client (STEC) to group file changes on a per-task basis and automate the tedious task of writing commit comments when submitting code. The automatically generated commit comments include a link to the relevant task, which establishes traceability between the code and the relevant defect or other project management task.

Eclipse Synchronize view with StarTeam code
changes grouped by task

This connector can also automatically update StarTeam tasks with the reverse link back to the relevant code for full bi-directional traceability. To support teams in mixed ALM environments, this automated traceability can also be provided between StarTeam tasks and SCM artifacts in Microsoft TFS or Subversion.

Attach commit traces to the task View traces in the task editor


Connect StarTeam to dozens of ALM systems with Tasktop Sync

The new StarTeam Connector is also available with Tasktop Sync, enabling instant bi-directional synchronization between StarTeam and dozens of third party ALM systems. One of the new features in StarTeam 12.0 is the introduction of Custom Components, which allows arbitrary artifacts to be defined and managed in StarTeam. Tasktop Sync takes advantage of this capability to synchronize arbitrary artifacts from third party systems with StarTeam. This ensures that each stakeholder has access to the data they need within their primary tool while making StarTeam a hub for comprehensive visibility and reporting across a diverse set of tools.

Through the Eclipse, Visual Studio, and Sync integration capabilities provided by this connector, organizations with new or existing StarTeam deployments can now enjoy a new dose of integration bliss.

The Borland StarTeam Connector is available now via Tasktop Dev Enterprise and Tasktop Sync.

  greenbullet_icon Read the announcement press release
  greenbullet_icon View StarTeam connector product information
  greenbullet_icon Download Tasktop Dev Enterprise with the Borland StarTeam Connector


Tasktop Newsletter: Tasktop 2.0 now available with Task Federation™, cross-repository Agile planning, and new connectors

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Tasktop 2.0 has just been released! This release is focused on delivering Task Federation™ which provides a range of capabilities for unifying disparate ALM tool stacks. Task Federation includes the ability to synchronize ALM components such as HP Quality Center and IBM Rational Team Concert, create Agile development plans that span multiple project management systems, and much more.

Tasktop 2.0 also marks the first Generally Available (GA) release of Tasktop for Visual Studio and further extends the integration ecosystem with several new Mylyn connectors.

Learn more about Tasktop 2.0 and read on for more news, webinars, events and tips…

Task Federation™ for HP ALM & Quality Center and IBM Rational Team Concert

Tasktop’s Task Federation™ provides a set of tools that enable integration, visibility and traceability across heterogeneous ALM tool stacks. Task Federation capabilities augment your existing ALM server investments with a client-based solution that does not require adding any additional servers.

The full bi-directional synchronization component of Task Federation™ is available for HP ALM & Quality Center and IBM Rational Team Concert and support for other ALM systems is on the way.
Learn More


Cross-repository Agile Planning

The Tasktop Agile Planner leverages Mylyn connectors to give Agile teams the ability to manage development plans based on artifacts from existing defect and project management systems. This capability is provided directly in Eclipse, making it effortless for developers to maintain project status awareness and keep plans up-to-date.
Learn More


Tasktop for Visual Studio

Tasktop for Visual Studio has been released along with Tasktop 2.0. Tasktop for Visual Studio brings Eclipse Mylyn’s task list and connector infrastructure into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Most Tasktop Certified Mylyn integrations are now supported for Visual Studio.
Learn More


Accept360 Connector

The Accept360 Connector improves project visibility and drives productivity by providing direct access to Accept360 Agile from within the Eclipse IDE and enabling task-focused programming. By facilitating developer updates to Accept360 and immediately notifying developers of development plan updates, the connector provides unprecedented visibility all the way from the developer’s desktop to R&D decision makers.
Learn More


Polarion Track & Wiki and Polarion ALM Connector

The Polarion Mylyn Connector improves project visibility and drives productivity by providing direct access to Polarion Track & Wiki and Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from within the Eclipse IDE. Download the Polarion Track & Wiki + Tasktop Pro product bundle to get everything you need to manage your development project.
Learn More


Hudson / Jenkins Connector

The Hudson Mylyn Connector, which also supports Jenkins, improves project visibility and productivity by providing direct access to Hudson from within the Eclipse IDE. The connector makes it possible to work with Hudson day-to-day entirely from within the Eclipse IDE with support for running and monitoring builds as well as inspecting the results.
Learn More


Introducing Tasktop 2.0

Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO, Founder of Eclipse Mylyn

Thursday, March 31st, 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 5pm UK, 6pm Central Europe

In this webinar, Dr. Mik Kersten will review the new features in the just-releasd Tasktop 2.0. Tasktop 2.0 has many exciting features that improve productivity, collaboration, and code quality for development organizations who have heterogeneous environments and ALM stacks. Tasktop 2.0 includes “task federation™” that offers bi-directional synchronization between disparate products like IBM Rational Team Concern and HP Quality Center.

Additionally, Tasktop 2.0 supports cross-repository Agile planning. Finally, with the release of Tasktop 2.0, Tasktop for Visual Studio has become generally available and new connectors for Accept360, HP’s Agile Accelerator, Polarion and Hudson (and Jenkins) are included as part of Tasktop Enterprise.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Tasktop team at any of the following events:

IBM Innovate, June 5-9, 2011, Orlando, Florida (details)
HP Discover, June 6-10, 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada (details)
Agile 2011, August 7-13, 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah (details)

Prediction #2: ALM tools become the gateway drug for hooking developers on cloud and PaaS

“…Developers drive the success of platforms. Whenever a platform shift occurs, such as the shift from proprietary to open source or from desktop to mobile, interest in gaining developer mindshare is renewed. While we may all be overloaded with atmospheric-condition-related acronyms, we are in the middle of a fundamental shift in enterprise software platforms…”

Read the full post and stay tuned to the Tasktop Blog for the final prediction.

Top Three Tasktop and Mylyn Tips

Tasktop’s David Shepherd has been tweeting task-focused productivity tips such as hot keys for creating new “quick tasks” and templates for frequent comments.

Read about David’s top three tips to date.

Twitter: Follow Tasktop, Follow CEO Mik Kersten
User Forum: https://tasktop.com/forum/

You can also submit bugs or feature requests directly from your Tasktop software via the “Help > Report Bug or Enhancement” menu item.

Using HP Quality Center with Eclipse and Mylyn

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

We’ve had a lot of requests for HP Quality Center integration dating back to the Mercury TestDirector days. The bug (feature request) below was opened on Eclipse.org in 2006 and there have been several attempts to implement a connector since then.

148841: [connector] HP Quality Center (Mercury TestDirector)

Fortunately for developers who need to use HP ALM or HP Quality Center on a day to day basis, Tasktop now has a complete Tasktop Certified HP connector available. We’ve worked closely with HP on this integration and just completed HP’s interoperability testing program, which makes the integration officially HP Certified.

Check out the recorded screencast video below for an overview of the connector and to see what it’s like to work task-focused with HP ALM and HP Quality Center within Eclipse.

If you’d like more information on Tasktop’s integrations for HP, consider registering for the live webinar this week where you will bea able to see it in action and ask any questions you may have. See below for the webinar abstract.

Live Webinar: HP Quality Center Integration with Tasktop Enterprise

Presented by Wesley Coelho, Director of Business Development at Tasktop Technologies

THURSDAY March 17th, 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET

Tasktop Enterprise now ships with an HP Quality Center and HP ALM connector that provides IDE and cross-repository integration that enables developers to easily keep Quality Center up to date and stay in the loop as requirements and defects are updated. Developers will also now be able to take full advantage of Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology that provides one-click multitaskingâ„¢ and interruption recovery. This webinar will demonstrate how the new connector improves developer productivity and facilitates collaboration for distributed teams by integrating HP software with the IDE. You’ll also learn how Tasktop’s task federation provides traceability and visibility between HP ALM and dozens of other ALM products.

Polarion Connector and Track & Wiki Bundle Now Available!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new Tasktop and Mylyn connector for Polarion Track & Wiki and Polarion ALM. Polarion Track & Wiki provides an all-in-one bug tracking, wiki collaboration and version control solution. The flagship Polarion ALM product builds on Track & Wiki and delivers a full-featured ALM platform with support for requirements, tests, Agile development and much more. The new Polarion Connector provides direct access to either Polarion Track & Wiki or Polarion ALM from within the Eclipse IDE or a standalone desktop application.

Track & Wiki + Tasktop Pro Bundle

We’re excited to launch a new product bundle that includes Polarion’s Track & Wiki 2011 server and Tasktop Pro with the Polarion Connector. This bundle gives you everything you need to get started with collaborative software development will full IDE integration, support for task-focused programming productivity, and a standalone cross-platform desktop client.

The Polarion Mylyn Connector + Track & Wiki bundle is free for up to three users connected to a Polarion Track & Wiki 2011 server and multi-user packs of the Tasktop Pro + Track & Wiki product bundle will be available shortly from Polarion.

Tasktop Polarion Connector

The Polarion Connector is also available from Tasktop as an add-on to either Tasktop Pro or Tasktop Enterprise. This option is suitable for use with Polarion ALM or for those who already have Polarion Track & Wiki server. The Polarion Connector supports both Polarion ALM 2010 and 2011. A free 30 day trial is available for download and there is no additional cost to add the Polarion Connector to a Tasktop Pro or Tasktop Enterprise license.

Advanced Capabilities

Polarion delivers a sophisticated feature set and the Polarion Connector follows suit with advanced features such as work records, revision history, powerful relationships between tasks, rich editing, and time tracking.

Polarion work item editor and task list

To get started with Polarion:

  greenbullet_icon Install the Polarion Connector
  greenbullet_icon Download Polarion Track & Wiki
  greenbullet_icon Learn more about the Polarion Connector

Contact us for more information on the Polarion Connector or for assistance to evaluate the connector in your environment.

Newsletter: New SmartBear CodeCollaborator Connector, Visual Studio public beta now available

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Tasktop 1.8.1 is now available with an all new connector for task-focused peer code reviews with SmartBear CodeCollaborator. We’ve also just launched the first public beta version of Tasktop for Visual Studio, which brings the Mylyn task list and connectors to the Visual Studio IDE.

If you require an enterprise ALM connector such as HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Team Concert, or Microsoft TFS, you can now download an evaluation copy of Tasktop Enterprise directly from tasktop.com and request a trial.

Read on for more news, webinars, and events as well as a preview of the new Mylyn 3.5.

Tasktop Connector for SmartBear CodeCollaborator

We have teamed up with SmartBear Software to provide a task-focused approach to code reviews using CodeCollaborator, a leading peer code review tool. Developers will now be able to manage their code reviews using the collaboration facilities of Eclipse Mylyn’s Task List and use the knowledge capture facilities of the task-focused interface to streamline the code review processes.
Learn More


Tasktop for Visual Studio Beta

Tasktop for Visual Studio beta is now available for download. The latest build provides access to HP Quality Center and Bugzilla from the Visual Studio IDE. Give it a try and send us your feedback.


Tasktop Enterprise Downloads

Tasktop’s Enterprise version provides connectors for ALM solutions such as HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Team Concert, Microsoft TFS and more. Tasktop Enterprise is now available for download and evaluation directly from tasktop.com.


Tasktop Top 5 Finalist for Best Employer

Tasktop has been named a top 5 finalist for the Best Employer award, which recognizes companies in the Canadian province of Britsh Coloumbia where Tasktop’s Vancouver head office is located. It’s an honor to have been named a finalist and we hope to take the top spot when the winner is announced on March 29th.

Mik Kersten’s Ten predictions for 2011: Agile, ALM and developer tools

With open source, Agile, cloud deployment and DevOps trending in 2011, the ALM space is poised to become as action packed as the Java app server space of yesteryear. Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO and creator of Eclipse Mylyn, is posting a series of predictions on what to watch for in the coming months:

Prediction #10:
Agile adoption continues its managerial rise, developers get annoyed and cause a backlash

Prediction #9:
Majority of developers demand access to Agile/ALM tools from IDE, look elsewhere for pretty colours and oversized fonts

Prediction #8:
Eclipse and Visual Studio dominate the IDE market, become even more boring

Prediction #7:
Web-based code editors become viable, cloud-based IDE platforms remain a pipe dream

Prediction #6:
Continuous integration becomes central to deployment, Jenkins attacks Hudson with a chicken

Prediction #5:
Open source ALM tools continue to gain market share, give the development manager a migraine

Prediction #4:
The single vendor ALM stack becomes extinct in organizations with more than two developers

Prediction #3:
Git and distributed version control invade the enterprise, widespread panic and benefits follow

Read the introductory post and stay tuned to the Tasktop Blog for the remaining predictions.

Introducing Tasktop for Visual Studio

Dr. David Shepherd, Senior Developer at Tasktop and author of the task-focused best practices blog series

Thursday, March 10th, 9am-10am PST (UTC-8)

In this webinar, Dr. David Shepherd will unveil how the new Tasktop for Visual Studio tool allows Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio developers to bring HP and open-source ALM solutions into the Visual Studio UI to seamlessly integrate work items alongside coding activities. For developers, this means spending more of your day inside Microsoft Visual Studio where you are most productive. For managers, this means a much more up-to-date Agile or ALM repository. Dr. Shepherd will demonstrate how to bring work items into Visual Studio so that developers can update them as they work. For team leads and managers he will demonstrate how Tasktop’s tooling easily scales to thousands of tasks, keeping them abreast of their team’s progress.

HP Quality Center Integration with Tasktop Enterprise

Wesley Coelho, Director of Business Development at Tasktop

Thursday, March 17th, 9am-10am PST (UTC-8)

Tasktop Enterprise now ships with a HP Quality Center and HP ALM connector that provides IDE and cross-repository integration that enables developers to easily keep Quality Center up to date and stay in the loop and requirements and defects are updated. Developers will also now be able to take full advantage of Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology that provides one-click multitasking™ and interruption recovery. This webinar will demonstrate how the new connector improves developer productivity by integrating HP software with the IDE and other ALM products while facilitating collaboration for distributed teams.

Integrating IBM Rational Team Concert and HP Quality Center using Tasktop

Robert Elves, Tasktop Enterprise Integrations Architect and Eclipse Mylyn Committer

Organizations deploying IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) alongside HP Quality Center (QC) have been lacking a robust mechanism for federating and synchronizing defects and work items between IBM Rational products and HP ALM and Quality Center. Developers often have to enter information regarding their activities into multiple systems and managers lack the visibility and traceability that is needed to be effective. In this webinar, Robert Elves will show the audience how Tasktop Enterprise can be used to provide IDE integration and synchronization for RTC and QC to improve development team productivity and collaboration between developers and QA professionals and provide visibility into both RTC and HP QC and ALM.
Watch recorded webinar

How to Increase Development Productivity
by 50-100%

Wesley Coelho, Director of Business Development at Tasktop

A new system integration paradigm is enabling an unprecedented level of collaboration and visibility throughout the innovation process, from engaging customers and optimizing product decisions, to maximizing developer efficiency to get better products out to market faster. Join Wesley Coelho from Tasktop Technologies and Hari Candadai of Accept Corporation for an overview of the end-to-end process with special focus on enabling productive, transparent collaboration between product owners and developers to maximize the output from R&D investments.
Watch recorded webinar

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Tasktop team at any of the following events:

Connecticut JUG, March 1, 2011, Hartford, Connecticut (details)
CeBIT, March 1-5, 2011, Hannover, Germany (details)
New York Java SIG, March 2, 2011, New York, New York (details)
EclipseCon, March 21-24, 2011, Santa Clara, California (details)
IBM Innovate, June 5-9, 2011, Orlando, Florida (details)
HP Discover, June 6-10, 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada (details)
Agile 2011, August 7-13, 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah (details)

New Mylyn 3.5 Release

Mylyn 3.5 RC2 is now available and it includes a slick new UI for working with focused views in Eclipse. Developers can now simply hover over hierarchies to display a widget that displayes filtered childeren when clicked. This provides a more intuitive alternative to the Alt+Click mechanism and will make it easier for new users to learn task-focused programming techniques. Mylyn 3.5 RC2 also includes the first preview version of the
Gerrit code review connector!
Learn More

So You Think You Can Task? Get 30 Tips in 30 Days

While task-focused basics will take you a long way, a few tips, tricks, and shortcuts from the experts will help you get even more from task-focused productivity techniques. Tasktop’s David Shepherd will be tweeting a new tip on each of the next 30 days to help you get from productive to promotion. For example, you can focus source code editors using the toolbar button circled on the right. This causes uninteresting source code to collapse so you can minimize searching and scrolling and stay focused on the relevant code for the task at hand. Click the “expand” icons on the left to open collapsed methods you may be interested in.
Learn More

Twitter: Follow Tasktop, Follow CEO Mik Kersten
User Forum: https://tasktop.com/forum/

You can also submit bugs or feature requests directly from your Tasktop software via the “Help > Report Bug or Enhancement” menu item.

Tasktop for Visual Studio public beta now available!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Tasktop for Visual Studio integrates the Mylyn framework into Visual Studio. Developers using Microsoft’s IDE can now enjoy the integrated task management capabilities previously available only to Eclipse users. We’re pleased to announce that a public beta version is now available for download directly from tasktop.com.

The public beta includes support for HP Quality Center, HP ALM, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Mozilla Bugzilla and Accept360. Support will be extended to the full list of Tasktop Certified Connectors when Tasktop for Visual Studio becomes generally available next quarter.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the beta. You can send your comments, questions, bugs, or any other feedback in the following ways:

  greenbullet_icon Fill out the Contact Us Form
  greenbullet_icon Post a comment to the new Tasktop for Visual Studio Forum
  greenbullet_icon File a bug by selecting “Help” > “Tasktop Support” from the menu in Visual Studio once Tasktop is installed

Be sure to sign up for the upcoming Tasktop for Visual Studio Webinar presented by Dr. David Shepherd, Senior Developer at Tasktop Technologies and author of the task-focused best practices blog series.

Additional Resources

  greenbullet_icon Tasktop for Visual Studio overview
  greenbullet_icon Blog post introducing Tasktop for Visual Studio
  greenbullet_icon Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry’s blog on Tasktop
  greenbullet_icon Tasktop for Visual Studio Webinar
  greenbullet_icon Download Tasktop for Visual Studio Beta